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This is Bambi who is approx 6 years old. We got her from the dog pound about 4 years ago as she had been found straying and wasn't claimed. She is a fantastic, friendly wee dog and completely spoiled. She is a thief and very guilty of stealing the kids lunches if given half a chance.

She loves people and attention and somehow manages to get into just about all the photos we take!

Bambi with Kit-Kat

"Bambi with Kit-Kat"

Bambi and Tyson enjoy the winter sun

"Bambi and Tyson enjoy the winter sun"

Marymass Parade

"Megan gets the most important job of the day at Marymass Parade. Taking care of Bambi who is proudly wearing her Greenacres pony club Tee-shirt!"

Marymass Parade

"Bambi walks so far then ditches Megan to hitch a ride on Cassie with Mel. Well there's no point a dog living in a riding school and having to walk!"

Marymass Parade

"Bambi with friend Molly"
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