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Early Morning Image 1

"The first load of horses and helpers arrive shortly after 7.30am."

Early Morning Image 2

"Alex ferries the horses 2 at a time until all present."

Early Morning Image 3

"Caught on camera! George, Michael and Kelly slacking already and it's not even 9am!! - You just can't get the staff these days!"

Early Morning Image 4

"Joanne mounts up on Pharoah - Does my bum look big in these joddys? - Yes Joanne - it does!!"

Early Morning Image 5

"All mounted - the Greenacres troops head off to take their place in the parade."

Early Morning Image 6

"Everyone waits patiently as the crowds assemble."


Parade Image 1

"And...away at last - The Parade heads off led by Tyson and Pharoah ridden by Kelly and Joanne."

Parade Image 2

"Everyone stops for a breather."

Parade Image 3

"Bambi grabs 40 winks - All this excitement is just too much for a country dog!"

Parade Image 4

"Getting pretty busy now!"

Parade Image 5

"This was Murphy's first Marymass so all new to him. This was the first year Bambi's had to walk the whole parade as she's somehow always managed to hitch a ride part of the way."

Parade Image 6

"Don't know how Caryn & Georgia managed to get Angel looking this white!"

Parade Image 7

"Somehow - Bandit and Shelby manage to take a nap amid all the commotion!"

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Races Image 1

"The first race of he day is the Eileen Martin Marymass Queen Memorial stakes. Representing Greenacres in this race is Shelby Gemmell riding The Time Bandit - Mel helps them get to the start line."

Races Image 2

"And Shelby and The Time Bandit come a very close second to Helen's Lass. Well done to both as this is first time racing for both horse and jockey in this race."

Races Image 3

"The first of the heavy horse races was the Kings Arms Hotel Clydesdale Race and it doesn't get much closer than this...about 2 lengths between them all. Pictured here is Casey's Drum (right), Alex (centre) riding Tip Toe Tyson and Kelly (left) coming up on the inside with The Pharoah."

Races Image 4

"Alex and Tip Toe Tyson gallops accross the finish line to take 1st place, followed by Casey's Drum 2nd, The Pharoah close behind in 3rd place and Paddy in 4th. A huge well done to Alex and Tip Toe Tyson as this is the 5th year in succession they've won this race as a pair equalling the all time record - well done boys!!"

Races Image 5

"Off to a flying start in the next race is Caryn White riding Angel Delight. Angel came second in this race last year with a different jockey but this is Caryn's first time racing."

Races Image 6

"And this pair cross the finish line without another pony in sight - winning by a good 12 lengths - Well done Caryn and Angel Delight - winners of this year's Ship Inn Pony Sprint!!"

Races Image 7

"Race over - Caryn and Angel Delight head back to the paddock - still smiling - and every reason to!"

Races Image 8

"The horses and jockeys make their way to the start line for the Late James Affleck Clydesdale Race - the second of the heavy horse races."

Races Image 9

"This race is 3.5 furlongs which is a very long race for this type of horse. Pharoah falls away on the home straight but it's close and Casey's Drum gets over the finish line 1st followed very closely by Alex riding Tip Toe Tyson."

Races Image 10

"The last race of the day is a long one - The Sanny Wilson Mile. Representing Greenacres is Mel Mitchell riding Foxfire Lady. This pair won this race last year. And as they head off it's neck in neck....."

Races Image 11

"And still nothing in it as they complete their first lap and head along the home straight....."

Races Image 12

"At the finish Foxfire Lady comes 2nd by about half a length. Well done both ponies and jockeys for a great and exciting race. (Sorry unable to announce the winners name as not entered on race card)."

Races Image 13

"Once again a huge THANK YOU to all our Pony Club Kidz and our regular riders and their parents who came along to walk with us in the parade."

Very special Greenacres thanks go to:

  • George and Margaret Boyce for all their help on the day with organising the parade, publicity and photos - also to Margaret for altering Murphy and Bambi's polo shirts to fit!
  • Shelby's mum, sisters and papa Frank for cooking and serving the whole gang with hot rolls, sandwiches and drinks from morning through till lunch!
  • Caryn's dad Graham - for providing some wonderful photographs of the day.
  • Also a great big thank you to all of our helpers who - although exhausted from Saturday's events still turned up to help us with the usual lessons on the Sunday.

And a special well done and congratulations go to all our horses and ponies who took part -

TIP TOE TYSON & THE PHAROAH ( Go big guys!!)

FOXFIRE LADY, THE TIME BANDIT AND ANGEL DELIGHT - Who all tried their hearts out and did their best on the day - And finally LITTLE MISS MADAM who although first time at Marymass, allowed some of the children to experience riding in the Marymass parade.

Also our top jockeys - Alex, Kelly, Mel, Shelby and Caryn for making the day memorable and special.

So folks - another Marymass over........till next year!!

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