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Each month we present the rider who has made the most progress during that month with our Greenacres Rider of The Month Trophy. Our winner keeps the trophy for one month and is also rewarded with a private riding lesson, value of £20, on the horse of their choice


Kerris Millar

And this month’s winner is 6 year old Kerris Millar - pictured here with mum Kerri and gran Allison.

Our Instructor Holly says "Kerris has worked extremely hard this month when riding her favourite pony Pickles! The pair have achieved riding around the arena and jumping a course all by themselves. They even had enough confidence to learn how to canter! Kerris' s enthusiasm and passion makes her an absolute joy to teach! Keep up the great riding!"

As well as the trophy to keep for a month, Kerris also wins a private lesson for her efforts – Huge well done Kerris – Keep up the good work!!

RIDER OF THE MONTH - February 2015

Caitlin Boucher

The winner of our Rider of the Month Trophy for February is Caitlin Boucher.

Caitlin also wins a Private Riding lesson as well as the trophy to keep for a month. A very well deserved winner as Caitlin's confidence, as well as her riding have improved dramatically over the last month. Caitlin is pictured here with Rosie who she just loves to bits and to make it even more special she wins this on her 11th a huge well done and a very Happy Birthday from all at Greenacres!


Brooke Scott

Rider of the Month Trophy - for July goes to 5 year old Brooke Scott.

Brooke had a couple of bad falls end of last summer and didn't get much chance to ride over winter so had lost a lot of her confidence.

After only 2 private lessons with our Sunday instructor, Helen McLean, Brooke has made a huge improvement and is now happy to canter away on her own and is loving riding again! Huge well done Brooke - very well deserved this month - Also huge thanks to Helen for making this possible!!


Daisy Moore

Pictured here on Levi, and proudly showing off her trophy is Daisy Moore who is the winner of the Rider of the Month Trophy for May.

Daisy has made excellent progress with her riding recently and that smile just says it all. Daisy is booked in for her prize private lesson tomorrow - Well done Daisy!!


Katie McKellar

And the winner of the Rider of the Month for March is Chloe White! Chloe as made a whole lot of progress past wee while and the reason for this is she has actually started to listen to what she is being told lol - Listening is not one of your strong points Chloe but now you are reaping the rewards when you do - Huge well done!! Will get you booked in for your prize of a private lesson in the next few weeks. :-) :-)

RIDER OF THE MONTH - February 2014

Katie McKellar

Goes to Katie McKellar for all the excellent work she has done with Lily. As well as progressing her own riding abilities she has also successfully schooled Lily on with amazing results. Huge well done Katie! Will get you booked in for your prize of a private lesson.

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